Periodontology Department

General Information

Periodontology studies the problems of gum and supporting structures of teeth and implants, diagnoses and treats the dental diseases and also maintains the quality of post-treatment health conditions. The department deals with the diagnosis and the treatment of periodontal diseases. In our department, conservative and surgical treatments of periodontal diseases are carried out.


Our mission is to provide scientific information for the acquisition of diagnostic and therapeutic skills involved in clinical periodontics and implant dentistry, togain contemporary information and techniques, and to supervise the dental health of our citizens, to provide  health care services at the community level and to improve skills for the critical evaluation of the dental literature, researches and new therapeutic techniques.


Our vision is to provide the basis for understanding current philosophies of therapy and to establish a scientific basis for formulating comprehensive treatment plans and to take part in publishing articles in international journals scanned by world’s foremost databases. Other missions are to associate education process with life and to enable our students to apply their profession with adequate knowledge and professional equipment and to enable them to experience the principals and skills acquired during training both in the classroom and the clinic. Students are encouraged to work in order to gain experience and to be able to evaluate the different techniques available at first hand. We also aim an exposure to a wide range of periodontal problems requiring a variety of therapeutic procedures, to foster the concept of lifelong learning, a professional growth and professional service to our patients and community.

Academic Staff

Prof.Dr. Murat İnanç CENGİZ

Assist.Prof.Dr. Birsen KORKMAZ (Head of Department)

Res.Assist. Saadet ÇETİN

Res.Assist. Merve KÜÇÜKOĞLU

Res.Assist. Merve CAN

Res.Assist. Özer ÜLVER

Res.Assist. Muhammed Bahadır OLCAY

Res.Assist. Doğukan SEVLİ

Res.Assist. Yasin ÇELENLİ

Res.Assist. Elif Keziban SOGAY


Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Dentistry

Esenköy Kozlu/ ZONGULDAK

Tel: 0 (372) 261 36 53

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