Restorative Dentistry Department

General Information

Restorative dentistry includes management and treatment of dental caries and structural disorders, esthetic dentistry, conservative restorations, direct-indirect restorations and bleaching.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Restorative Dentistry is to educate dental students on restorative dentistry in compliance with the international standards in order to provide treatment service to public. The educational goals include developingbehavioral management and communication skills, ethical relations between the dentist and the patient, sensitivity and social skills, practice management skills and the ability to cultivate self-reflections and well-being.

Our Vision

The vision of the Department of Restorative Dentistry is to improve the oral and overall health of the public in the region through increased access to high quality dental care.


Restorative Dentistry education of dental students is comprehensive and is integrated through a series of laboratory and clinical practice. Two and a half years oflaboratorytraining and the last two years of clinical practiceis provided to the undergraduate students.

Operatıve Dentıstry Clinic

Diagnosis of caries, dental amalgam and composite restoration application, implementation of preventive treatment.

Academic Staff

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahmet HAZAR


Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Dentistry 
Department of Endodontics
Esenköy, 67600 Kozlu-ZONGULDAK
Phone:+90 372 261 3541

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